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An Ebsworthy Sounds Production

SWAGGERMOUTH’s sound has been dubbed “Controlled Chaos” by legendary drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC), who co-wrote & performed on many of the tracks on their debut Rock Avenue Records USA release “Never Shut Up”. Rock & Roll couple Jason Ebs & Janea Chadwick Ebs blend heavy rock & roll with the delicacies of singer songwriting as they cradle each other with their intertwining voices and musicality.  Jason toured North America with Peter Criss & Ace Frehley on the “Bad Boys of KISS” tours, while Janea’s performed and worked with Joe Cocker & mega producer David Foster. Together, they mix heavy rock with slammin’ pop in their yin and yang-like fashion on their self produced debut fresh out of their newly acquired band studio house from Imagine Dragons dubbed “Dragon Castle Studios”.  The live band features drummer Billy Kesner, bassist Joseph Nile and keyboard wizard Borgi.  Road ready and rarin’ to go, SWAGGERMOUTH looks forward to bringing their unique musical stylings to a town near you!  See you inside the music.-

“Never Shut UP” Due Out Summer 2024

about the new album

Are you ready for a sonic roller coaster ride? Hold on tight, because we’re about to delve into the world of “Controlled Chaos,” a term coined by none other than the legendary Chris Slade of AC/DC fame! Slade laid down the foundation of explosive drum beats and collaborated as a co-writer on half of the record, and this signature sound is sure to give you an adrenaline rush like never before!

New Single “turnin’ on a dime” music video drops with single on 7/10/24

New Single “Let It Roll” now available!

who is swaggermouth

“SWAGGERMOUTH” is an entity and concept created by Jason Ebs & Janea Chadwick Ebs with the vision of representing the collective voice of the people. “SWAGGERMOUTH” prefers to be harmonic and tranquil, but it will flare up and shout out when the circumstances require a roar instead of a whisper. We believe that this is the very place with which we find ourselves, both in society and within humanity. We straddle the line between decency and selfishness, harmony & discourse, with sanity and truth all but a distant memory in the rearview mirror.

Lately it seems like whoever shouts the loudest gets the biggest results. Frankly we prefer to let the music do the talking.

The band covers a gamut of societal issues within their sound as Jason & Janea intertwine their voices & vibe over heavy tones & catchy motifs in their yin-yang likd fashion. Jason has coined their catchy upbeat side as “slammin’ pop” while Chris Slade from AC/DC dubbed their heavier sound as “controlled chaos”.

Their new record “Never Shut Up” features Chris Slade on drums and was written by Jason Ebs, Janea Ebs, and Chris Slade. Jason mixed, produced, & mastered it at Ebsworthy Sounds at their newly acquired “Dragon Castle Studio”, which was the former platinum record hit making studio house of Imagine Dragons.

The record also features Michael T. Ross and Borgi on Keyboards, Jason laid all of the Guitars and Bass on the record, and also drums on the songs where Slade could not due to the Pandemic. Vocals are shared by Jason and his wife Janea.

The LIVE band is made up of Jason Ebs on vocals and guitars, Janea Ebs on vocals, Billy Kesner on drums, Borgi on keyboards, and Joseph Nile on Bass.

Never be afraid to speak your mind, and never shut up! Thanks for listening…

We Are Live

the smith center, las vegas, nv


the band

Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals

Lead Vocals



Bass Guitar


What People Say About Us

“Big sound!  Cool riff!  Great production and mix!  Hope you are good, cheers!” — Kim Thayil, SOUNDGARDENI

“It sounds like ‘Controlled Chaos’!” — Chris Slade, AC/DCl

“Congratulations, you have some hits & have captured the California Sound…” — Tony Ferguson, Interscope Records

“Music that’s perfect for movies & commercials…the best of Fleetwood Mac…” — Rick Shoemaker, Warner/Chappell

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