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An Ebsworthy Sounds Production

who is swaggermouth

“SWAGGERMOUTH” is an entity and concept created by Jason & Janea with the vision of representing the collective voice of the people. “SWAGGERMOUTH” prefers to be harmonic and tranquil, but it will flare up and shout out when the circumstances require a roar instead of a whisper. We believe that this is the very place with which we find ourselves, both in society and with humanity. We straddle the line between decency and selfishness, harmony & discourse, with sanity all but a distant memory in the rearview mirror.

Lately it seems like whoever shouts the loudest gets the biggest results, and frankly we prefer to let the music do the talking. As the logo depicts, open your eyes then your mouths. Believe what you see and not what you are told, to cause division in order to instigate those deep seated emotions and hidden outdated learned beliefs.

The music aims to capture all facets of this dichotomy within its subject matter, melody, and delivery– ranging from the most delicate to the most fierce.

“Never Shut UP” Due Out 1st Quarter 2024

about the new album

Are you ready for a sonic roller coaster ride? Hold on tight, because we’re about to delve into the world of “Controlled Chaos,” a term coined by none other than the legendary Chris Slade of AC/DC fame! Slade laid down the foundation of explosive drum beats and collaborated as a co-writer on half of the record, and this signature sound is sure to give you an adrenaline rush like never before!

We Are Live

the smith center, las vegas, nv


the band

Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals

Lead Vocals



Bass Guitar


What People Say About Us

If you’re searching for an epic musical journey, look no further than SWAGGERMOUTH. As a touring musician for the past decade, I’ve come across various acts and bands, but nothing compares to the unforgettable musicality that SWAGGERMOUTH brings to the table. Their unique blend of genres, coupled with their undeniable talent and passion, makes them a must-see for every music aficionado.

The sheer energy they brought to the stage was unmatched and had the entire audience on their feet dancing and singing the whole time. As someone who attends numerous concerts, I have never experienced such a personal connection with a band before. The lead singer often engaged with the crowd, making everyone feel they were a part of the act. Swaggermouth’s performance was a thrilling experience filled with excitement and camaraderie.

About Last Night

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