Janea Ebs

Janea Ebs:

Birthday:  December 20th (SAGITARIUS)

Instruments:  Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Born in Maryland and growing up outside Santa Barbara, Janea Chadwick Ebs was singing & humming melodies long before she could speak in sentences.  This led her to pick up the guitar and learn to play piano at an early age, teaching herself how to play the music that she heard in her head.  As a teenager she found herself in the right place at the right time, singing with Loggins & Messina at the Motherload Ranch in Ojai and singing backups with Joe Cocker.  

In search of bigger waters, Janea moved to Los Angeles and quickly found herself among the elite, working with people such as David Foster and the Jay Graydon All Star Band.  She toured internationally with members of Chicago, Toto, and Steely Dan, all while writing songs with her hauntingly beautiful voice and rhythmic open tunings.  Along her travels she found herself in the company of legends such as Tom Petty, George Harrison, and others.

Being the beauty that she was, Janea naturally fell into modeling and acting, signing with the Elite Model Agency stayed quite busy doing runway shows and print shoots all while performing and writing her music.

Once she met Jason, they combined forces and their sound started to develop into songs ranging from “Slammin’ Pop” to “Modern Rock”.  Janea found her rock & roll voice and the rest is history!

Janea uses & endorses Greg Bennett Guitars, Yamaha Guitars, Yamaha Keyboards, Wurlitzer, and Shure Microphones.