Birthday:  April 5th (ARIES)

Instruments:  Keyboards, Piano, Organ, Seaboard, Keytar, and backing vocals

Born and raised in Argentina, David Borgini starts his music career at the age of 5 years old. Over many years of training and learning about music theory and popular music, he joined to Emu Educación Musical, Jazz Music College, located in La Plata, Bs. As., Argentina at the age of 15.  Then, after finishing the high school, he continued his training on a local conservatory of classical music and the Music University (Bellas Artes UNLP) where he spend several more years studying and learning in depth music theory.

Before becoming Borgi and joining SWAGGERMOUTH, he played around Vegas bands including “Vieja Avenida” (Funk/Rock band), Sebastian Souza (Metal), Hexatonica (Progressive Rock), Yesstories (Yes Cover Band), Moonshine Mercenaries (Las Vegas Rock Band), Bad Habit (Las Vegas Cover Band), Sonic Shakers (Las Vegas Cover Band), Champagne Lipsmack (Las Vegas Rock Band).

Borgi uses and endorses Roland, Behringer, Seaboard Player, Korg Keytar, Wurlitzer, and Hammond, and AKG Headset Mics