Joseph Nile

Joseph Nile:

Birthday:  July 27th (LEO)

Instruments:  Bass, Guitar

Texas born & Kansas raised, Joseph lived in the Midwest for most of his life before relocating to Las Vegas.  He started music at a early age while in elementary school on the drums and then picked up the guitar soon thereafter.  Having a huge appreciation for the Bass guitar, Joe decided to switch over to bass when he moved to Vegas.

Joseph previously played in bands including “Left on Northwood”, which was a band that he played guitar in back in the mid 2000s that released an album in Lawrence, KS.  The next is the band “Sleep Signals” based out of Minneapolis, MN.  I had joined the band as a guitarist just before we recorded the album “At the End of the World”.  After releasing the album and a few long runs through the USA he decided to make a change and look for something different – — and just in time to become the final piece of the puzzle in the formation of the live band for SWAGGERMOUTH!

Joseph Nile plays Michael Kelly bass guitars, Kemper Profiler Amps, Gallien-Kreuger Bass Amps, EBS Professional Equipment