Jason Ebs

Jason Ebs –

Birthday:  October 12th (LIBRA)

Instruments:  Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys,

New Jersey born and Pennsylvania raised, Jason began manifesting his musical destiny at the age of 11 years old when he started playing guitar after being memorized by its sound and by the band KISS.  An avid runner, he was running 10k races by the age of 12 along with his Dad and his brother Drew.  By the age of 15 he co-founded the original heavy metal band “Southern Cross” and music had taken over his psyche.  He joined the band “Split Decision” at Penn State University Main Campus and was serving in the Army Reserves when he decided to change directions and take a leap to of faith to Los Angeles to attend G.I.T. at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA. 

Immediately he was drawn into the acting world, appearing in a TV show documentary and a commercial in his first year in LA, prompting him to get an agent and his SAG card soon thereafter.  4 years later he joined Peter Criss’ band CRISS and found himself touring North America on the  “Bad Boys of KISS” Tours along with Ace Frehley’s band, a tour that was so successful that it led to the KISS Make-up reunion.

Jason formed ECOTONIC with Chris Slade (AC/DC) and his wife Janea, and they released 2 records independently under his Ebsworthy Sounds Record Label.  They were working on their 3rd record when Slade got called back into AC/DC, which put a pause in the process.  Covid 19 then forced an additional 3 year hiatus, so Jason dug in and decided to finish tracking & mixed the tunes to complete the record, playing Guitars, Bass, Drums, & Keyboards along with Michael T Ross.  With Slade being stuck in England, they all felt that it was time for a change, so ECOTONIC merged into SWAGGERMOUTH.  While finishing the record, he began putting together the live band and the pieces fell into place.  The result is their debut “Never Shut Up”, which Jason mixed, produced, and mastered in his newly-purchased studio home that he named “Dragon Castle Studios”, which was the former recording studio house and hit making room owned by the band Imagine Dragons.

Jason also heads up his all star band “Jet Velocity” and the “Jet Velocity Holiday All Star Band”, who performs original Christmas Songs annually in the prestigious “Hollywood Christmas Parade” on the CW network.  He’s also a favorite rock star counselor & mentor at “Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp”, where he guides people through their music dreams of playing with legends and “changes a lot of lives” according to founder David Fishof.   He also believes in keeping the spirit of music alive, so in addition to sessions & tracking for others in Dragon Castle Studios, he has a select group of students via zoom where he teaches  guitar, bass, vocals, songwriting, and ProTools.

Jason uses and endorses Mesa/Boogie Amps, Gibson Guitars, Yamaha Guitars, Greg Bennett Guitars, Fernandez Guitars, Ibanez Guitars, MXR, TC Helicon, Kustom Amps, Ludwig Drums, Tama Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Ernie Ball Strings, GK Amps, EBS Professional Bass Equipment, Event Speakers, Groove Tube Mics & Outboard Gear, Shure Microphones, AKG Microphones, Behringer, Universal Audio, Gator cases, and Fender Basses.